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  • Can you print on proximity (fob) cards?
    COMING SOON - Yes. You can provide the cards by shipping them to us if you wish specific cards to be used, or we can obtain them and charge you either based on individual cards used. However, it’s important you know which card type is needed. If you order the wrong cards and we print on them, they aren’t refundable. Contact Customer Support for this special request to get more details. This option will appear on the main page of our site as well as under member's only access pages as soon as it is available. We are evaluating the most cost efficient way to offer this type of printing to our customers to maximize your savings. Stay tuned.
  • Can I upload my employee information to you?
    Yes! When you place your order, the confirmation email will advise you to visit where you can download the form, add the information and then upload it to us. The instructions are on the form.
  • I want my badges to expire after a certain period of time and have new ones reissued automatically. Is this possible?
    So, yes, BUT, consider this first; As long as someone is designated to immediately notify us when an employee is no longer with your company, we will mark them as inactive in the system. If you add an expiration date to the ID, it’s a security risk because if my badge isn’t due to expire until the end of the year and it’s November 9, and I was fired, what stops me from presenting my badge to someone and pointing out the expiration date? Nothing! So, it’s a security risk to do this. You may wish to consider subscribing to our Annual Replacement Service instead. Every year on a date you set, we will reissue new badges for everyone that is active. At this point, you can also change the design if you wish. We will coordinate with you just prior to reprinting badges and make sure everything is up to date including your design. And yes, to answer the original question, you can still put an expiration date on the badge, but please consider the security risk in doing so.
  • An employee lost their badge. Can you print a new one?
    Of course! There is a charge for replacement badges, the same charge as the original badge.* (Some employers charge employees for replacement badges. Make sure it’s legal to do so if you want to charge them.) In the case of a lost badge, the original badge will be voided in the system. This means the new badge will have a new ID number assigned and the old badge will be listed as “Reported Lost or Stolen”. *Note, you can subscribe to our Badge Replacement Service if you are concerned this may happen frequently.
  • What is the warranty for your products?
    All of our products are guaranteed for 30 days against printing errors, workmanship problems, breakage, etc. and will be replaced at no cost to you. You may be asked to provide proof of damage in order to qualify for warranty service. We may request you mail the product back to us which would typically be at our expense. When we reissue badges under a warranty, we will send them with the same ID number, so you will need to collect any damaged badges and destroy them. If you do not, you’re at risk of a badge getting into the wrong hands.
  • My badge has lost some of its print or the lanyard hole has cracked. Can you print a new one?
    Of course. Our badges are printed using high quality die that adds a special coating to protect the print from premature wear. The thickness is standard, and the lanyard hole is placed where it belongs, but if it is tugged a lot or played with, it can eventually crack. There is a charge for replacement badges, the same charge as the original badge.* Although some employers charge employees for replacement badges, if legal, we recommend not charging them if it has simply worn out. It means they’ve been wearing it regularly and probably even outside of work, which may be gaining you some free advertising. Why penalize them? *Note, you can subscribe to our Badge Replacement Service if you are concerned this may happen frequently.)
  • Where does the QR code on the back of the ID go?
    The QR code goes to the home page. From there, the visitor clicks the LOOK UP ID link and is greeted with an option to enter the barcode number manually or scan it.
  • I don’t want any of these bells and whistles. I just want a badge printed. I don’t need it verifiable. Can I get that?
    Sure. It’s the same cost, so just add a note that no barcode or ID number is needed.
  • What is
    We're here with the Small Business Owner in mind! We will work with any size company, but this division of Diversified Company, an Indiana corporation established in 2007, is to help small businesses look more professional while also promoting a sense of safety to your own customers. Whether your employees are customer facing at a counter or visiting their homes and businesses, it's important that your customers feel safe and secure around your employees. Our verifiable ID badges have been designed to address safety and security, allowing your customer to confirm the active status of an employee through our website (and your own, optionally) 24/7.
  • How does it work?
    It’s simple. Place your order online, provide the details, and let us do the rest. If you are ordering for the first time, you should send us your logo. If you have an existing badge format you’d like to maintain, send us a file or photo of it so we can replicate it. If you have several badges to add at once, you can use our template and upload it to us so you don’t have to add one item at a time to your cart. Your customers can visit (and we can also provide code for you to put on your own website) and verify that the ID badge in front of them is valid and the photo matches the person on the badge.
  • Can the QR code on the back of the card be changed to point to a page on my site?
    YES! We can absolutely set up a QR code that will point to a page you designate on your website. We will provide you with code to add to the page and it will have the same lookup capabilities as our direct page. And no, there is not an extra charge for this option. (If you change the URL that it directs to in the future, however, all of your cards will need to be reprinted unless you keep the existing page active. For that, there would be a charge.)
  • Why wouldn’t I just make my own badges?
    You certainly can, but if you are a small business, it may not be worth it to you to purchase a machine that can run into thousands of dollars, not including supplies such as dye ribbons, cardstock, and software to product badges. A large company is more likely to invest this level of money, but even a large company isn’t going to benefit from the verification service that provides.
  • Can I have more than one badge printed for the same employee?
    You can, sure. You’ll have to specify if you want them to be the same number or different numbers, Keep in mind though, if the employee leaves, you’re responsible for making sure we know to deactivate two differently numbered badges if that’s the case.
  • Can you print badges for contractors or visitors?
    Certainly! Although for contractors (unless they will be there regularly) there may be no sense in printing them with an ID number. Same with visitor badges.
  • What are my plan length options?
    Currently we offer month-to-month and annual plans. The plan is for account maintenance. Naturally, annual plans cost less. We have one-time purchase options as well, such as when you just need one badge, a replacement, a lanyard, or another product we offer. We also have addons available such as the Badge Replacement Service which discounts the cost of replacing a lost, stolen, or worn out badge and the Annual Replacement Service which discounts the costs of annual issuing of replacement badges for your entire company.
  • I have a question not answered here.
    Sorry about that, but please click the CONTACT link at the top of the page, and we’ll be happy to get back to you with an answer ASAP. We’ll also add the question to our FAQ if it seems like it will be a common question from others.
  • It’s just me. Why do I need a badge?
    You don’t NEED a badge, however wearing identification can give your customers a feeling of security from the start. Also, because it is just you, it just might make them feel a little better knowing they can verify the validity of your ID including your photo. Would you want someone representing your business that isn’t even a part of it?
  • So, I can design the front of my badge however I want to?
    Pretty much! There needs to be room for the barcode and the number that corresponds to the barcode as well as the words “Verifiable ID – See Reverse”. If you have an existing badge, you can send it to us to replicate as best as we can. We will send a digital proof to you before printing your badges.
  • I work for a large company, and I lost my badge. I just want you to make a replacement for me. Can you do that?
    Nope! That’s a huge security red flag. Likely, you don’t work for that company any longer (or never did) and just want access. We’re not helping you with that one. However, your large company can certainly contract with us, but we are very strict on who can have access to the account and who can provide information, changes, and orders. If you legitimately work for the company and they’re our customer, please contact a person in authority at your company and request they order a replacement badge for you.
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